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        SANLION•BAUER AIR COMPRESSOR, made by HANGZHOU GOLDENLION MACHINERY CO., LTD.  Our company was built on 1998, and produce the air compressor strictly with ISO9001 international standard, ensure to provide the leading air compressor system and technical service to everyone of our customer, insist on creating the high-quality and high-performance in air compressor industry. And can provide the high quality of Permanent Magnetic VSD Energy-saving Air Compressor, Two Stage Screw Air Compressor, Twin Screw Air Compressor, Reciprocating Piston Air Compressor, and the full set of air compressor system and station service.

        SANLION•BAUER AIR COMPRESSOR provide the maximum value to our client from the processes of design, manufacturing and selling of air compressor, with the idea of providing the best to our customer. Because of we know only our customer get the best, then we can received the reputation. 
        Innovation Design is the Core Idea of SANLION•BAUER
        Cooperate with World Class partner to keep SANLION•BAUER with ahead。
        Compete Cost with World Brand, and Compare Quality with Domestic Brand is Brand Positioning of SANLION•BAUER

        Directly to provide the technical service and solution is Direction of Pursuit of SANLION•BAUER

        Choose SANLION•BAUER——Select High-performance

        Choose SANLION•BAUER——Select High-value

        Choose SANLION•BAUER——Select Zero Risk


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